The process consists of 4 main steps:iStock 000013949574 425.282

1. Non-Immigrant Business Visa type B for assignee and Non-Immigrant type O for dependents have to be obtained from a Thai Embassy/Consulate abroad. 

When applying, various Personal documentation as well as Corporate documentation from the legal entity in Thailand employing the Assignee, is required incl. at most Embassies a prior letter of approval from The Department of Employment that the Assignee qualifies to apply for a Work Permit Booklet on arrival to Thailand. Usually visas are issued allowing single entry within 90 days after the date of issuance. The visa allows a stay up to 90 days after the date of arrival. Usually visas are issued within 2-3 days after the application has been accepted.


2. On arrival in Thailand it is the first priority to apply for a Work Permit Booklet from The Department of Employment.

Work Permit Booklet is usually issued about 1 week later and is valid for 12 months. The assignee is required to attend in person when picking up the Work Permit Booklet.


3.  12 Months extension of the Non-Immigrant B and O visas.

Initially 1 month  is granted as a period to consider the application followed by 11 months by the Thai Immigration Bureau. The visa holder is required to attend in person.


4. When Foreigners holding a Non Immigrant Visa have stayed in Thailand for 90 days in one stretch, reporting to the Immigration Bureau is required.

Handling of this reporting procedure is included. The visa holder is not required to attend in person.

If the assignee and/or dependents need to go abroad within the 90 days, 1 month and 11 month periods respectively, a re-entry permit is required (the validity of a re-entry permit will always expire on the same date as the Non Immigrant Visa). If several trips abroad are foreseen during those periods, a multiple re-entry is recommended. The visa holder is required to attend in person.   Failure to obtain Re-entry Permit prior to leaving the country will result in cancellation of the person’s Non Immigrant Visa and the process will have to start all over again.                                                        



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PACIFIC ORIENTATION  will assist with advice as well as work with the Thai employer to provide the Corporate Documents required under step 1 and handle the process in Thailand under steps 2, 3 and 4.

The work involves tracking of visa status including expiry dates and stipulated date to initiate the extension process :

- Advise on time frames, formalities and documentation

- Scrutiny of all documents prior to application and process.


Procedures include :

- Collecting necessary application forms from the local authorities.

- Assisting with completing documentation required in Thailand.

- Advice and information on the list of documents required from the applicant (e.g. photographs, letters of employment / business document depending on the visa issued, copies of relevant passport pages, copy of employment contract, etc.)

- Advice and information on the list of documents required from the employer (e.g. Corporate registration, financial data, etc.)

- Collecting all information / documents and presenting them to the local Immigration Bureau.

- Monitoring and follow-up with the Authorities to ensure movement of files/documents.

It is recommended to start the renewal process 1 month prior to expiration of the Work Permit and Visa respectively.

The above describes a Standard Non Immigrant B&O visa process

For employees of Thai companies under BOI/IEAT Privileges visa extension and work permit can be obtained with 24 months validity. The process itself differs somewhat from the above.



Article created : December 2012




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